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The TJ Ryan Foundation is a progressive think tank focussing on Queensland public policy. The aims of the Foundation are to stimulate debate on issues in Queensland public administration and to review policy directions of current and past State governments on economic, social and cultural issues. This website focuses on evidence-based policy, and provides links to a range of online resources.


On Tuesday February 16 from 12.30-2.30pm at QUT Gardens Point, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk will be presented with a commemorative book of political commentaries written by members of the Foundation. University of Canberra Vice Chancellor Professor Stephen Parker will deliver the keynote: Higher Education and Inequality. To book, email TJRyan Foundation.

The Central Queensland University authors of a new study on the effectiveness of bridging courses for Indigenous students suggest that 'If we are serious about closing the gap in Indigenous education, our new research shows the value of building better bridges into universities and vocational education'.


More than 600 climate scientists from around the world have signed a letter to the Australian government protesting against the cuts to climate research, calling for the lost capabilities to be re-housed elsewhere.  Cuts will see up to 350 jobs go, most from the CSIRO’s oceans and Antarctica climate monitoring divisions.

Australia’s leading marine scientists are opposed to mooted reduction in the size of ocean sanctuaries and an expansion of areas permitted for commercial fishing. The Ocean Science Council of Australia has published benchmarks against which reviews should be assessed.

fvanrenterghem CC BY-SA 2.0

Hamish Campbell discusses the problems posed by the lack of consistent measurement of Queensland's crocodile population, saying it is a result of "an underappreciation of the intricacies of the task, a failure to understand the objective of the monitoring process, and a lack of sustained government investment."

The Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education, known as FARE, said a Galaxy poll it commissioned on the issue found 74 per cent of Queenslanders were in support of the Government's proposed last drinks limit and lockout legislation and 80 per cent of respondents believed the nation had a problem with excess drinking and alcohol abuse.

Mackay and the Gold Coast have been the focus of two recent studies as part of the 'Smart State: A Preloading Project' looking at drinking, taking drugs, or mixing energy drinks with alcohol before heading out to licensed entertainment venues.

Fears have been raised more heritage homes across Brisbane could be set for demolition, after Brisbane City Council admitted it was powerless to save two century-old inner city houses from the wrecking ball. On Monday, the council's planning boss councillor Amanda Cooper said two heritage homes - including the 140-year-old Keddington Villa - in Jones Street, Highgate Hill, had "slipped through the process" of the city's planning laws, City Plan 2014.

TJ Ryan Foundation Research Reports

In October 2015, the Queensland Government established a Task Force to identify causes of rural indebtedness and to offer policy solutions. This paper by Ben Rees discusses what industry policy options might be required beyond debt and drought policy.

Hugh Childers gives a personal response to the National Mental Health Commission report Contributing Lives, Thriving Communities - Review of Mental Health Programs and Services, presented to the Commonwealth Government in December 2014.

In light of the tax reform negotiations currently taking place, Jon Stanford examines a range of proposals for changes to Australia's taxation system, and assesses their strengths and weaknesses.

John McCollow discusses behaviour management in schools of children with disabilities, an issue that has recently had extensive media coverage both in Queensland and the ACT.

Professor Michael Rowan argues that the public values the strength of our university system. 'It is just the government which appears to think that the long historical process of increased public investment in education yielding increased economic and social returns is at an end.' 

All TJRyan Research Reports can be found through this link


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