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The TJ Ryan Foundation is a progressive think tank focussing on Queensland public policy. The aims of the Foundation are to stimulate debate on issues in Queensland public administration; review policy directions of current and past State governments on economic, social and cultural issues, and to analyse options for decision-makers; and assist policy-makers inside and outside government in developing progressive evidence-based policy.

What's new

The TJRyan Foundation offers a source of commentary on public policy issues of relevance to Queensland, and links to other resources. Papers that have been removed from the Home Page can be found under ‘Policy Papers’ where they are broadly catalogued by topic area. There is also a 'search' function. 

Many tributes have flowed in for former Premier Wayne Goss. We provide here the link to Professor Glyn Davis (The Conversation, 12.11.14) who writes that the reforms driven by Wayne Goss 'have endured: the electoral, ethics and administrative machinery implemented by the Goss government remains largely in place. Given he had only a few short years to overturn decades of corrupt practice, this remains a singular achievement'.

'The attitude of Prime Minister Tony Abbott to the global challenges of climate change is "eccentric", "baffling" and "flat earther", according to a group of senior British Conservatives.

In addition, Lord Deben, former chairman of the British Conservative Party, and minister in both the Thatcher and Major governments, has said:

Mr Abbott ‘has betrayed the fundamental tenets of conservatism itself. ... Conservatives are supposed to conserve, they are supposed to hand on to the next generation something better than they received themselves'. 

This was the headline in Brisbane's Sunday Mail the day after President Barack Obama's speech at the University of Queensland. 'Two speeches made a few kilometres apart ... laid bare the gulf between the global vision of a transformative US president and the prosaic housekeeping obsessions of an Australian leader struggling with his "to do" list.' (Dennis Atkins Party Games, The Sunday Mail, 16.11.14)

On Monday The Courier Mail carried the more conventional response from a Murdoch paper: 'BARACK OFF', - 'The Prime Minister muscled up to Obama behind closed doors yesterday, declaring there could be no effective action on climate change without a strong enomy and strongly endorsing fossil fuels."

Accountability takes another hit. The ABC's Queensland 7.30 Report, for which Queensland presenter Matt Wordsworth received a 2014 Clarion Award for a series of strong political interviews conducted this year, is apparently to be axed by Malcolm Turnbull.

The ABC cuts constitute yet another broken election promise.

Peppa Pig is to survive. 'Peppa Pig is a loveable, cheeky little piggy who lives with her little brother George, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig. Peppa's favourite things include playing games, dressing up, days out and jumping in muddy puddles. Her adventures always end happily with loud snorts of laughter.' (ABC website)

'A Crime and Corruption Commission spokeswoman has ruled that seven questions Fairfax Media forwarded in writing to the CCC did not meet the watchdog's "media policy". It declined to answer why the issue would not be investigated and suggested Fairfax Media run answers provided to another media outlet.

"The CCC will not confirm or deny whether it has received any other complaints or referrals relating to this issue," the blanket statement to another media group said.' (Brisbane Times, 18.11.14)

On Tuesday the National Stock Exchange of India asked the Adani Group to clarify "in detail" a news report saying the company was lining up the loan with the State Bank, and whether it was aware of any information that should be disclosed under the exchange's listing laws. ‘It comes as an Indian opposition party demanded the Reserve Bank of India intervene and question the "improper" loan, which it says is unjustified and "does not appear to be above board".’ (Sydney Morning Herald, 19.11.14)

Michael West, business columnist for the Sydney Morning Herald, writes: 'The very day after the G20 concluded, with its recommendations about ending government subsidies to fossil fuels, it appears the Queensland government is poised to ramp up its subsidies for the humungous Galilee Basin coal project', and quotes Queensland's Treasury's own statement that governments face budget constraints and spending on mining related infrastructure means less infrastructure spending in other areas, including social infrastructure such as hospitals and schools.

'Meanwhile, writes West, it is doubtful whether, even with the support of taxpayers, the Galilee project stands up on economic grounds. Notwithstanding low coal prices, the capacity of the major player Adani Mining to fund its share of the project is stretched.'

TJ Ryan Foundation Research Reports

Emeritus Professor reports on the 2014 Australian Study of Parliament Group conference, and comments on papers including one by David Gibson MLA, member for Gympie.

Professor Tim Prenzler concludes that the Crime and Corruption Commission is a pale shadow of a world standard mature public sector integrity commission.

John McCollow suggests that to rebuild public VET in Australia will require a deep and careful examination of questions of first principles.

Roger Scott writes on the impact deregulation of university fees and other proposed changes will have on all Queensland campuses.  

Ann Scott reflects on two days spent at the Legal Affairs and Community Safety Estimates Committee hearings.  

Peter Henneken, AM, argues that there should be a significant rethink of Vocational Education and Training. 

Paul Boreham writes that Queensland trails the rest of Australia in spending on social policy and social services.   

Professor Graeme Orr discusses the 'curious case' of Queensland.

Howard Guille discusses structural changes in the economy and legislative changes affecting workers' rights.

Reviews the operation of the institution of Parliament under Newman to the end of 2013.  




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