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The TJ Ryan Foundation is a progressive think tank focussing on Queensland public policy. The aims of the Foundation are to stimulate debate on issues in Queensland public administration and to review policy directions of current and past State governments on economic, social and cultural issues. This website focuses on evidence-based policy, and provides links to a range of public accessible online resources.

What's new

On Twitter @viviehar53 said 'honesty' and @fitant said 'integrity'.  This was a common theme that sat high on participants' lists.' (ABC News, 13.1.15)

In a poll after the election the Australia Institute found that accountability, transparency and trust were a significant influence on people's voting choice. 

The TJRyan Foundation was a signatory to 'Accountability and Transparency in Queensland' the open letter to the political parties on the Fitzgerald Principles, published in the Courier-Mail, 8.1.15.

The fundamental purpose of the TJRyan Foundation is to bridge the gap between academics and policymakers in order to enhance evidence-based policymaking.

In her paper The TJRyan Foundation 2014-15 (presented at the first anniversary celebration on 19 February 2015), Dr Ann Scott discusses the potential role of the Foundation in supporting Queensland public policy development. She also provides an overview of how the TJRyan Foundation website has developed over the past year, explaining what it contains, and how to search its 'Policy Papers' and 'Find a Researcher' databases.

Other papers included the Keynote Address 'Mandates, Promises and Surprises' by Professor Geoffrey Gallop. 

Health Care in a 'New' Queensland, in whichProfessor Linda Shields described the distorting impact of a target-driven health service, and calls for a review of Queensland Health.

The Great Barrier Reef 2014-15, in which Professor Ove Hoegh-Guldberg's discussed threats to the future of the Great Barrier Reef.

There are reports that Lawrence Springborg, Leader of the Opposition, has said that Labor does not have a mandate to abandon the surgery waiting time guarantee and that the LNP will force the ALP to test the support for its plan to dump the guarantee when parliament resumes later this month.

In Mandates and the Westminster system Emeritus Professor Roger Scott debunks arguments from the LNP Oppsition about government legitimacy and the relevance of mandates to parliamentary processes.

In The First Palaszczuk Government: Ministers, Portfolios and the Machinery of Government, Peter Bridgman writes that 'MoG decisions after a change of government make important statements about how the government will function. ... Like all incoming Premiers after a change of government, Annastacia Palaszczuk has built the machine of government to suit her political and administrative ends.'

Bridgman explains the implications of 'MoG' decisions in: Shaping Government: a Guide to Machinery of Government in Queensland the issues facing an incoming government in shaping its administration through its Machinery of Government arrangements.

In Appointing CEOs: looking backwards and sideways Roger Scott writes that the Palaszczuk government has started the process of selecting the cadre of public sector chief executives who will function as Directors-General in the newly constituted machinery of government. This process has occasioned significant comment in the media, linked to the combination of a clearly articulated policy of merit selection by the ALP, and the departure of several existing CEOs before any formal process was complete.

Roger Scott's paper takes a deeper look at the precedents both historically within Queensland, and the practice in the rest of Australia.

Accountability reforms to start straight away with change donation declarations threshold.  'The first piece of legislation the Palaszczuk government plans to introduce to parliament will see the LNP's donation declaration threshold increase reversed, returning it to $1000 from $12,800.

This has been criticised by Opposition Leader Lawrence Springborg as an act of "political get square" on its transparency measures, saying Labor plan's was prompted by "malice" against the LNP.  Labor changing donation rules for revenge Springborg has claimed.

TJ Ryan Foundation Research Reports

Peter Bridgman discusses the composition of the First Palaszczuk Government, and machinery of government issues.

Professor Linda Shields calls for a review of Queensland Health in light of the distortions in the system that have resulted from a target-driven focus.

Professor Geoffrey Gallop's Keynote Address at the TJRyan Foundation' first anniversary celebration on 19 February 2015 

Hyacinth Udah reports on his doctoral research on how Black African immigrants in Queensland see their cultural identity, personal and social well-being in Australia?

Research Associate Dr Lorann Downer discusses why Campbell Newman's 'Can Do' brand 'is no more'.  

Research Associate Dr Chris Salisbury looks back at a modern benchmark for ‘historic’ state elections in Queensland when the state’s voters went to the polls twenty-five years ago. 

Professor Geoff Gallop asks what chance is there for Australia to reform its democracy on behalf of a sustainable future, and concludes by making recommendations.

Earlier TJRyan Research Reports can be found through this link




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